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Best choice when looking for solutions for any kind of baldness , or reaper previous hair transplants
Fue or Artificial Hair implants immediate results the only clinic that implants even 5000 hair in one day .

Artificial hair implants the newest generation

unlike in the past the new generation of synthetic hair allows you to look and feel just like with your own hair , no one could tell the difference , matching colors and length implanted just like own hair transplants,  no limit of the amounts just fill up and get the full density you wish to have.

Exoderm Artificial hair implant

Advantages of Artificial Hair Implant 

  • No one can tell –  synthetic hair looks and feels just like your own hair
  • We use all colors, hair types, Curly, waved, strait, short or long hair
  • Final Results in only one day,  immediate and natural aesthetic result
  • High hair density in a few hours
  • Simple,  quick, reversible, painless
  • Procedure allows the patient to lead an active, sporty lifestyle even soon after the implant
  •  Provides a gradual and progressive hair thickening
  • Economically affordable
    requires no burdensome maintenance to maintain the desired aesthetic results
  • Artificial hair implants can be performed or stopped when ever desired
  • The implant can be performed alone or in combination with other type of surgical transplants

Best clinics over Europe special package deals including all you need  
stay with us 1- 2 days and get back with all the results you wished for
Hair transplants changing lives, helps looking younger, gain back your self-confidence.
people who have lost their hair can reverse the process. It is the best solution for men looking
for youthful and attractive appearance. only one step to the the appearance that you desire.


Before Hair implant

After Hair Implant

After Hair Implant

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